The Flame Ionization Detector Model 650 FID

is an analyzer for the continuous measurement of volatile hydrocarbons (VOC) in industrial processes.  The superior properties of the analyzer and the sample conditioning ensure highest accuracy and reliability in a wide range of applications. The rugged design of the Model 650 FID allows the installation in demanding enviroments and large ambient temperature ranges.

  • Continuous measurement of the total concentration of volatile hydrocarbons in industrial processes, e.g. for determining the solvent mass balance or for the control of activated carbon beds.
  • Measurement principle: flame ionization detector (FID)
  • Ready for online mounting on a duct/stack with heated sampling system for a reliable and fast measurement with minimum maintenance efforts.
  • Also available for the installation outdoors.

The Model 650 FID is a high-temperature flame ionization sensor with an accurate and linear response. A carefully metered pilot flame incinerates the sample. The resulting ionized carbon passes through an electrical field, creating a proportional current flow. An electrometer measures the current flow. The resulting electrometer output is amplified and displayed according to the calibration as PPM or mg/m3.

The analyzer can be mounted directly onto the process ductwork, as close as possible to the sample pickup point. This eliminates external heated sample lines and allows the fastest response time.

The sensor is unaffected by the temperature of the process and can sample streams up to 700°C.

To avoid condensation during sampling, the entire sensor pneumatic assembly is heated up to 200°C. This eliminates both inaccurate readings caused by solvent dropout as well as excessive maintenance time due to sample condensation and clogging.
The Model 650 is suitable for monitoring high flash point solvent vapors and other compounds with high temperature dew points.

Two integrated sample filters effectively remove particles from the sample gas. The analyzer employs customer-supplied compressed air to drive its integrated air-aspirated sampling system. This method is simple, highly effective and requires very little maintenance.

The absence of moving parts in the heated part of the analyzer minimize maintenance efforts. The design of the analyzer and the easy access to the components simplifies service procedures.

All functions of the Model 650 FID are controlled by a microprocessor. All parameters and diagnostic data can be viewed on the display and a bus  interface provides these data and the analyzer reading with high accuracy and resolution.

The microprocessor also controls the automatic calibration by opening and closing the integrated solenoid valves for zero gas and end gas. The adjustment of the calibration values are saved automatically after a successful calibration and the analyzer resumes normal operation.

The Model 650 FID offers various ways for operating the analyzer:

  • using the built-in push buttons and display in the integrated operator panel
  • remote triggering of configurable actions (e.g. calibration) via two digital inputs
  • remote control via the serial bus interface, e.g. using the touch operator panel MON650-CT

The analyzer continuously monitors the vital analyzer functions. A fault relay de-energizes whenever any of the following occur: sensor electrical failure; loss of system power; loss of heat; loss of flow through the flame cell; and downscale readings caused by loss of flame or fuel. The fault is also signalled via an LED and a text message on the display.

An additional “service needed” relay indicates changes in the operating parameters before they will cause faults. The specific “service needed” message is displayed in the display and allows the scheduling of preventative analyzer service.

Data Sheet Model 650 FID

Modell designation SNR650
Measurement range 0-50 mgC/m3 to 0-10.000 mgC/m3
Operating temperature 200°C
Linearity ± 1% of full scale
Materials in contact with the sample anodized aluminium, stainless steel, Viton/Kalrez
Dimension 406mm H x 307mm W x 216mm D
Sample gas Dew point  < 200°C
  • corrosion resistance housing material (IP65)
  • separate operator panel for remote control, diagnostic and recording of events and readings
  • CE
  • sampling from hazardous zone 2 (EX II 3/- G IIC T2 Gc/-)