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the specialist for the monitoring of flammable gases and vapors in industrial processes!

We offer solutions ranging from the LEL monitoring of flammable gases and vapors to the measurement of volatile hydrocarbons in PPM levels or caloric values of gas mixtures, all tailored to the online monitoring of industrial processes. Short response times, accurate measurements and high reliability of rugged field devices are important requirements for these applications.

The PrevEx FTA Flammability Analyzers

based on the measurement principle of Flame Temperature Analysis (FTA) are a whole series of analyzer models for the continuous monitoring of the concentration of flammable gases and vapors in % of the lower explosive/flammable limit (LEL/LFL). more

The total hydrocarbon analyzer Model 650 FID

is a flame ionization detector (FID) for the continuous measurment of the total concentration of volatile hydrocarbons in industrial prozesses… mehr

CalorVal Analyzer for Lower Calorific Value

Continuous measurement of the lower calorific value of mixtures of flammable gases using a micro-combustion cell for accurate measurements. more